8–12 October 2018

Volgograd, Russia
«Volgograd State Technical University»

Aim of the conference

To expand scientific contacts between specialists in the field of vehicles and systems, as well as to ensure the exchange of scientific and technological achievements between specialists from different countries.

Scope of the conference

Ensuring discussion of ways to solve urgent problems in the development, maintenance and introduction of technologies and materials for new types of vehicles and transport systems, including autonomous (unmanned) transport, traffic control systems (intelligent transport systems).

Topics of the conference

  1. Ground vehicles and their power units
    • Unmanned vehicles
    • Prospects for creating vehicles on alternative energy sources
  2. Robotic and special vehicles
    • Designs of advanced robotic and special vehicles
    • Issues of traffic control and operation of robotic and special vehicles
  3. Management of transport-technological systems
    • Communication systems for cars, infrastructure and people
    • Road and traffic modeling systems
    • Organization and management of transportations in transport
    • Construction of optimal traffic control laws based on multicriteria optimization
    • Intelligent motion control systems for complex objects in nondeterministic environment
  4. Service and operation of vehicles and complexes

  5. Innovative materials, design methods and technologies for ensuring reliability
    • Progressive materials and technologies
  6. Innovative technologies in road construction
    • Development of transport infrastructure and environment
  7. Fundamental problems of group interaction of robots

Round table «Socio-economic perspectives of transport industry development»

  • Ensuring integrated transport security
  • Socio-economic issues of interaction between the region and the transport and road sector
  • Training of students

The whole range of summary information about the event is presented in the informational letter.