About the city

Conference location is Volgograd – a city in the South-East of the European part of Russia, administrative center of Volgograd Oblast. Hero-city, a place of the Battle for Stalingrad. The city bore a name Tsaritsyn in 1589 – 1925, and Stalingrad – in 1925 – 1961.

Volgograd is one of the longest cities of Russia. Its length along the Volga constitutes more than 70 km. Main part of the city is situated on the right bank of the Volga, with city including also sparsely inhabited island Sarpinsky and a range of small desert islands: Golodny, Denezhny, etc.

The city territory includes a bridge over the Volga, a “dancing bridge”, and the northern border of the city is neighbored by passage through the top of the Volga Hydroelectric Station. It connects Volgograd with the satellite town Volzhsky, being in the jurisdiction of the latter. The first part of the “dancing bridge” over the Volga connects the city downtown with Krasnoslobodsk. The continuation of the complex is to cross the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain and the river Akhtuba and connect I, II, and III highways of Volgograd with each other and existing highway Volzhsky – Leninsk.
On the territory of Krasnoarmeyski district, in the Southern Volgograd, the Lenin Volga–Don Shipping Canal begins – a link of unified deepwater transport system of the European part of Russia. There are two bridges over it: one car and one railway bridge.

Due to its convenient geographical position, Volgograd has a strategic position of socio-economic development of the Russian South.

Volgograd, like whole Volgograd Oblast, is situated in time zone which is designated according the international standard as Moscow Time Zone (MSK). Deviation from UTC is +4:00, and constant summer time was set beginning March 27, 2011. Time in Volgograd, like on the territory of the whole Volgograd Oblast, differs from the time zone UTC+3 by 1 hour.